Cecil’s Books

If you are looking for downloadable PDF versions of any of Cecil Hook’s books, here are the files as they originally appeared. Please comment if you find any problems or have any trouble with these downloads.

Free in Christ
Free to Speak
Free to Accept
Free as Sons
Our Heritage of Unity and Fellowship

15 Responses to Cecil’s Books

  1. Michele says:

    What a touching Author’s Preface in Cecil’s book Free to Accept. How wonderfully humble for a preacher to admit that he once rejected others. How insightful that he realized his shortcomings and continued to grow in God until the end of his days. Even as a born-again Christian, I have received more than my fair share of rejection from the church body. Loving and accepting everyone has caused me to be rejected by people who I thought would remain supportive. Jesus rejected no one.

    I’m so glad to have discovered Cecil Hook’s writings. Many thanks to the person(s) who reposted them to the web.

  2. edwinv says:

    Thank you, Oh Lord Jesus for using Bro. Cecil Hook for us to realize our shortcomings!

  3. Michael Arena says:

    I wish that I had read this 10 years ago. Great insights on many misconceptions in the church.

  4. Mike Hackworth says:

    Reading Cecil Hook book for years now and am thankful that I stumbled across them!

  5. Daniel Moran says:

    With the brilliance of scholarship and the gentleness of a loving father or brother, Cecil presents the summary of a live of study. Unshackled by human tradition he reads and digests the Bible for what it is, a conquest of the human soul by a God undone by failed religion. Cecil teaches the simplicity of the message of God meant to free humanity from its sinful shame so that we might live a full life with the expectation of living forever to partake of the divine. Thank you cecil.

  6. johnny says:

    hello can i have a spanish copy of the free in christ book please

    • Moises Lujan says:

      Hi Johnny. Email me your address and I will be glad to send you “Libre en Cristo”. If anyone else would like Spanish copies please email me. I still have several printed copies.

  7. Gina norris says:

    How and where can one get copies of the book free in Christ?

  8. Tina Kill Lenling says:

    I want to buy all of your books via paper. Do you sell paper versions? I got your name and info from Cathy Olson aka Incremona who recruited me into the Church of Christ in Minneapolis/St Paul back in 1990

  9. Tina Lenling says:

    Please take my lasy comment off the internet. I thought it was a private message……


    Really wake me up for my errors, thanks you for your effort and love for making all these for us to be corrected and guided. God bless

  11. emmahrrcn says:

    So glad to find this site.

  12. emmahrrcn says:

    Does anyone remember a book by Cecil Hood titled “Let Freedom Ring”

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