About Freedom’s Ring

by Cecil Hook

Welcome to the loving circle of freedom lovers who communicate through Freedom’s Ring! It is a sort of support site for disciples who are escaping legalism into God’s grace.

All of my writings, along with liberating materials from other truth lovers, are available at this site. It is hoped that they may enrich your appreciation for God’s grace through Christ.

I continue to ask questions that challenge our traditional teachings and practices which have caused Churches of Christ to be divisive and sectarian in attitude. I claim no new oracle from God or to have the last word on any subject. Agreement with me is not necessary in order to be loved and accepted either by God or me.

May the Spirit guide us as we explore together humbly in this non-threatening situation. May we maintain the unity of all who are in Christ and reclaim the unity of our heritage in the Restoration Movement.

Cecil Hook

Cecil passed from this life on June 1, 2007

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4 Responses to About Freedom’s Ring

  1. Laura Lee Scott says:

    I am just now discovering this online resource. I have read all of Cecil Hook’s series on freedom in Christ. Thank you for maintaining this resource! I expect to be a regular reader and visitor to the site!

    • Jeremy says:

      Great, I hope it’s helpful! I have some more essays that need to be loaded to the site, but just need to find the time to get them all finished.

      • Laura Lee Scott says:

        Jeremy, in reading Cecil Hook’s essays, I was surprised to find that he was preaching in Port Neches, Texas for three years, beginning in 1950. My parents attended church in that old building on Ave. C, and my father was baptized there in 1957. I was only four years old. The new building on Llano was built after that, but Cecil says he was there when the new building was built. He describes the new building exactly as I remember it, although I attended church there many years, later. I am wondering about the few years discrepancy I am perceiving and wondering if Cecil could have been confused about the dates he was there. I want to check my own memories with others who might remember or have a record of those dates. This is just a matter of curiosity for me. My family’s involvement with the Port Neches church was not consistent over many years, but we were in the community and knew members of that church from way back. I still have contact with a few. My mother still lives at the same address she did, all those many years ago. Thanks for considering my query. I am thoroughly enjoying reading Cecil Hook’s essays and books!

  2. jabrumfield says:

    Wonderful site…. I feel like the site is a little different than it used to be and I feel that I’ve had trouble finding the link to all of the articles… what is the best link to the most articles?

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