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Love, Isolation, and Violent Intervention, FR 243

By Cecil Hook The youth of every generation tend to be idealistic. That is commendable for they call for a re-evaluation of accepted standards of conduct. They often envision a peaceful world in which both individuals and nations may coexist … Continue reading

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You Cannot Remit Sins by Baptizing, FR 241

By Cecil Hook This could be the most startling thing you have read lately unless you read FR 101 written three years ago. This will be a revision of that essay. Last week I contended that, if one is baptized … Continue reading

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False Teacher and False Teachings, FR 38

By Cecil Hook I write out instructions for you to turn right off 173rd Avenue on to 170th Drive in order to get to my house. You get to 170th Drive and learn that it does not go right, but … Continue reading

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Interpretation of the Bible, FR 20

J. James Albert (Dr. Jim Albert is an educator by profession.  He has had a long association with disciples who reject those who use individual communion cups and Sunday School though he himself is free from all sectarian spirit.  He … Continue reading

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A Look at Two Parables

by Greg Rasaka In Matthew 21:33-46, we find a well-known parable about a landowner who planted a vineyard and put a wall around it, dug a wine press and built a tower. He then rented it out to some vine-growers … Continue reading

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Aims and Observations

by Cecil Hook It is true that, if you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know if you are on the right road, and you will not know when you get there. That realization causes me to reexamine … Continue reading

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Olympic Losses by Split Seconds

By Cecil Hook The whole world has watched the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. We have felt the joy of victory and the pain of defeat with those who participated. The difference in the winner and loser was infinitesimal in … Continue reading

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