Hook’s Points 1

Hook’s Points

Again, we were reminded of our frailty. Toward dawn of Sunday morning, March 17, we were convinced that Lea was having a stroke affecting her left side. Treatment was given in the emergency room to stabilize her condition. As the day progressed, recovery was being realized. She was able to return home Tuesday noon. She is able to be up for lesser activities with no apparent loss of motor activity, but has loss of concentration at times. We thank God for mercifully giving this recovery. Many of you have assured us all along that you pray for us regularly. That is a great source of strength for us.

On Saturday we had greatly enjoyed going to Amity, about forty miles south of here, for the 150th anniversary of the founding of the congregation there. It is the first church of the Stone-Campbell Movement west of the Rockies, begun just fourteen years after the joining of the Stone and Campbell followings in Kentucky, and before any of our divisions. The Amity Church of Christ uses instruments of music, but that was no matter of concern for this occasion. (150 years! A long time? Lea and I together have lived that long!)

It would be unwise for Lea to go to the Pepperdine Lectures, but I still plan to have a table on the second floor of the Howard A. White Center. The supply of books taken will be limited. Come by for a visit.

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