Who has Higher Motives?

by Cecil Hook

After WWI, in the earlier days of psychiatry, many of its students reached the conclusion that mental disorders and physical abnormalities were inherited. Hitler picked up on that and made it his aim to purify the Germanic strain of the race. He gained support so as to sterilize those with disorders and who seemed to be of “weaker stock”. He included Jews and Gypsies in that class.

The extermination of six million Jews resulted from his misdirected ambition to create a super race through genetic cleansing. Although I offer no defense for that murderous campaign, I can see that Hitler did have what he thought was a good purpose.

Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, Hitler’s six million casualties has been dwarfed by the thirty-seven million lives that have been destroyed by abortion in our country. For what noble purpose? Avoidance of the inconvenience of having a child! Avoidance of the consequence of the sin of immoral sexual activity! Avoidance of the shame of having a child out of wedlock! Honestly, are those purposes any more praiseworthy than those of the demonic Hitler? Do they not reveal even more personally selfish motives than impelled Hitler?

How could the German people have supported Hitler in his hideous plan? How can the American people support “our” satanic crusade?

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